Pakistan’s CPEC challenge


The Economic Corridor project comes with trials before opportunities At a time when many in Pakistan are celebrating the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project as a regional ‘game-changer’ that would jumpstart an era of progress in Pakistan, a number of regional and ethnic political parties are opposing the plan. On April 25, when it was […]

Punjab and Punjabiyat

Fakhar Zaman

Fakhar Zaman’s book in Urdu with sections in English, is a comprehensive document about the history, political movements, kisan agitations, heroic traditions, the national question and the miserable situation of the Punjabi language and culture. It is perhaps the most authentic work produced so far on the subject. It lucidly puts into perspective the role […]

Why Maalik is kosher for KP

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Adil Zareef proffers an opinion on why the banned film Maalik was nevertheless deemed appropriate for the public by the KP government. A ban by the federal censor board has ignited a heated debate in electronic and social media as never before. What is the commotion all about? Well the movie in question depicts the […]

An overview of South Asian Nuclear developments: View point from Pakistan


“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” – Ayn Rand (1905-1982) As long as some states have nuclear weapons, others will want to acquire their own. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has stressed that disarmament is the main way to curb the spread of nuclear weapons. But did these international bodies, […]

Valley of hierarchies

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Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad on the ghost of elitism and the minnows of Kashmir Imagine a subaltern caught between the horrors of armed conflict and the unpleasantness of elitism. Does not this state of affairs look like this: a vulnerable man imprisoned between the proverbial two evils of Scylla and Charybdis? Placed by fate or by calculated […]



It is a reality that India and Pakistan are two separate countries on the world map, however this is not the only reality. The other reality is that the two countries are still physically and geographically bound together; from borders that stretch to thousands of miles, to some of the highest mountain ranges in the […]

Barceloner – a lost Pakistani encounters the Catalan capital


After being offered an all-expenses paid flight and three nights at a four-star hotel in Barcelona for being a guest speaker at a conference, I found myself alone in a city which perhaps enjoys the highest per capita number of stunning sights. Being clueless regarding the intricacies of Spanish, as I boarded my plane I […]

Troubled times ahead


Savoring the fluid identity of a friend, freelance writer, an observer and a homemaker It was the first day of February, a bright and considerably warm Sunday morning heralding the beginning of spring. It was the Whatsapp notification noise that startled me at an early hour. Before we proceed, I must explain here that modern parents […]

Dividends of Peace


The writer is a lawyer and a former diplomat based in Islamabad.   It’s been a long time since Pakistan has been going through crisis after crisis. Right from its birth, it was caught up in a fierce competition between two world powers that were busy placing their pawns on a chessboard that the whole […]

Esta Livio, a story of local alternate-rock success

Esta Livio 1

The Music Industry in Pakistan has as off late been a mix of generic copies of successful songs with a sprinkling of truly industrious bands, who have tried to find new niches instead of copying the styles of well-established musicians. One of the more promising bands that made their debut in 2014 was ‘Esta Livio’, […]


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