Basho’s haibun


This year’s Booker winner is a classic that speaks to our time, and every time says Catriona Luke Just twice in the last few years has a novel elicited an ‘Oh.My.Goodness’ response in me. That is what I felt when I read the opening paragraphs of Mohammed Hanif’s A Case of Exploding Mangoes. This year the Booker […]

The Scottish play


Catriona Luke with the English reaction to the vote. Of Scotland’s 4.3 million voters on the independence referendum, the most interesting group are those who didn’t vote at all: 650,000 of them. Perhaps in the end they swung it. There’s nothing more Scottish than keeping your thoughts to yourself through the voting day itself, and […]

In Sickness and in Health


Gogi’s mother-in-law had to be rushed to the hospital this morning      

Happy Birthday, Pakistan!


This may sound like a curmudgeon’s rant, but it’s not; it’s a love letter. Well, Happy (belated) Birthday. With you everything seems to be late, so perhaps you won’t mind me wishing you a few days late. May you have many more and with each may you grow happier and prosperous. I would like to […]

The length of my beard


“What’s the point of wearing a headscarf, if she’s going to roam around campus wearing tight jeans like that?” remarked a not so conservative friend, while referring to his former crush, after she turned him down. Pakistani society is visibly in flux when it comes to understanding the role religion should play in society. This […]

Gym class heroes

The new X-Men Movie, starring Hugh Jackman’s six pack amongst other supporting characters

The trials and tribulations of a wannabe macho man. By Muhammad Zaid Nasir If you are wondering what an average Joe feels like while struggling to find his place in the pantheons of muscular glory, well today is your lucky day. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind […]

Now or Never


I remember when Jinnah Terminal was being built. I remember the excitement we felt, as children, watching the brown bricks stand tall and elegant. The gargantuan airplanes, feats of modern engineering; we all saw in awestruck open-mouthed gazes as we saw them landing down in perfect harmony. I remember the excitement, the thrill we would […]



Nigar Mahdi Masud  (4th October 1935 – 19th August 2006) “She walks in beauty, like the night, of cloudless climes and starry skies And all that’s best of dark and bright, meet in her aspect and her eyes…” In the lush green city of Lucknow, Syeda Nigar Fatima was born on a gold autumn day […]



Is leaving Pakistan the only option, wonders Sameer Khosa “Completely shut the door on the damn place and leave!” said one of the most prominent personalities of Pakistan privately to me – a man of integrity and honesty and a respected analyst on Pakistani TV screens. I was silent. After all could I blame him […]

Not just a statistic

Dr Mehdi_resize

Dr Mahdi Ali was a successful cardiologist based in Columbus Ohio, USA. He had been in North America since 1991 after originally leaving Pakistan for Canada to pursue his medical career. Despite the years away, Ali never forgot about his cultural roots. As an Ahmadi, few could have blamed him had he made every attempt […]


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