Modi and Brahamdagh


For the fast few months India highlighted the Baloch cause through a separatist leader, Brahamdagh Bugti, who is in exile in Switzerland. Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued statements about what he said were atrocities in Balochistan in what was interpreted as a bid to avert the world’s attention from an entire new generation of resentful […]

Sectarian violence surges in Pakistan and Afghanistan


After a decline in scale and casualties, the anti-Shia sectarian violence is once again resurging in Pakistan. In the last two weeks, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) Al-Alami, an anti-Shia extremist outfit, has claimed responsibility for the murder of four Hazara Shia women in Quetta and the attack on an imambargah in Karachi. During the same period, two deadly attacks […]

Speaking truth to power in Pakistan


On October 6, Pakistan’s oldest and most esteemed English newspaper ran a dramatic story, written by their star columnist Cyril Almeida, headlined: “Act against militants or face international isolation, civilians tell military.” The piece claimed that, in recent undisclosed meetings, the civilian government had put pressure on the military to take indiscriminate action against militant […]

God and Country


Is Pakistan moving away from being an ideological to a rational state?

Pakistan’s one-day side cricket leverage


Nations, whether rich or poor, realize the political significance of sports. A victory over arch-rivals or a win in the international arena can pay handsome political dividend. Take, for example, Pakistan-India cricket matches that are mini wars in their own right, with bragging rights that come with victory. Indeed, cricket has also been used for […]

Cyril Almeida, Imran Khan, and the ECL


Cyril never said he was a member of the PML-N team. Imran Khan’s allegation on national TV is completely false

Sindh goes back on Diwali holiday promise


Students from across Sindh, including Hindus, will sit the National Testing System medical college entry test exam on October 30, the day Hindus across the world will celebrate Diwali. But while the Pakistani government committed in March to announcing a general holiday for Holi, Diwali and Easter across the country it seems as if the promise got […]

Pakistan needs to lobby its case


An outgoing French diplomat, who served in Islamabad for many years, very alarmingly explained Pakistan’s state of external affairs. But first a little history. He explained how Pakistan had a cordial relationship with France which had been the first non-Muslim state to recognize Pakistan. During the Cold War, France considered Pakistan a “state deserving attention” […]

Torrents of destruction

Existing large earth-filled dams, such as Tarbela, are severely affected by silting (1)

Muhammad Arfan Choudhary reminds us of the urgent need to invest in better water management on the Indus basin, notwithstanding bitter political disputes. After a series of articles by Chairman WAPDA Zafar Mahmood on the Kalabagh Dam issue, a debate was initiated among various circles in society. PPP’s MNA Nafeesa Shah tried to assail the […]

Pakistani doctors without borders

Ghazala and Khizr Khan, the keynote speaker at the 39th APPNA convention (Aug 3-7, 2016)  in Washington, present Dr Zeenat Anwar, an obstetrician and gynaecologist from Michigan, a lifetime achievement award. Credit: Facebook

“Many doctors go there to show off their luxury cars, their gold watches, and their wives accompany them to show off their designer clothes and jewelry. And, yes, it’s a big match-making place as well, where lots of ‘aunties’, interested in your profile, offer to help you find a suitable girl.” This was the response […]


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