Keys to Longevity


In spite of sufferings and hard knocks one has to experience in life, everybody wants to live longer – except, of course, suicide bombers. The bitter phases in life are also laced with sunny days and joys, and that makes life worth living for a longer period. We all know that healthy diet recommended by […]

Putting the blame where it’s due


A few days back, when the picture of a Pakistani girl riding a bike along her mother trended on social media, I went through different types of comments regarding her. A few appreciated her for breaking a norm, and many criticized her. I became a part of an online discussion where both men and women […]

Legislating ‘takfir’ and combating sectarian violence


In a recent meeting chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan’s civil and military leadership unanimously discussed plans to introduce a legislation to ban ‘takfir‘ in order to combat rising sectarian violence – a practice of excommunication, one Muslim declaring another Muslim ‘kafir‘ or an apostate. While the Government’s commitment to the National Action Plan […]

1965 Indo-Pak War: Let’s learn a lesson from history


“The border remains alive and active due to the frequency of ceasefire violations and infiltration bids by our western neighbor,” said Indian Army Chief, General Dalbir Singh Suhag. “In that context, we are acutely aware that the swift, short nature of future wars is likely to offer limited warning time,” he added. “Our forces crushed […]

The silence over Kasur


“They told me that they would bury me alive if I told anyone … I thought about killing myself every single day.” These are the words of a 15 year old that keep ringing in my head, adding to the feeling of helplessness that has suddenly swept all over the country, after the lid over […]

Bring their smiles back

Briing Back their smiles

It’s a daunting task for a scattered bunch of people to identify the real issues that need immediate attention. We hadn’t overcome the APS massacre catastrophe yet that all of a sudden we have been struck by the child abuse Kasur scandal. How many times my pen has to tremble? How much more do our […]

The true spirit of nationalism


All one remembers from 14th August is enthusiasm, excitement, the parade, speeches by politicians and the “spirit of nationalism”. Again, as the day draws near, people are busy buying national flags and clothes with the national flag imprinted on them. The bazaars and homes are fully decorated with green and white lights. Children are desperate […]

Plato, allegory of cave and Pakistan


Plato is one of the greatest philosophers the world has ever seen. Establishing one of its kind academy for higher studies in Athens, he, along with his teacher Socrates and student, Aristotle laid the foundations of Greek philosophy.  People are inspired from his work even today and often find it relatable to their lives. One […]

Nukes are not nuts!


The stranglehold of Islamic State (ISIS) in Middle Eastern states, expanding tentacles in Eastern Afghanistan and its wildfire movement across borders has lately pulled out several ‘hypothetical scenarios’ involving allegiance of it obtaining the most destructive weapon, the ‘nuclear weapon’. Specifically, given the emerging monstrous face of group in Afghanistan, the footprints of IS has […]

Poor people, please…


As most of us know, the katchi abaadi of I-11 has been cleared, Islamabad has been cleansed of this large terrorist stain on its beautiful, glorious, don’t-touch-me-you-filth face. Our great city has been restored to its former glory, it has survived. There’s good news for the rest of us too: these dwellers of the abaadi […]


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