Zardari’s dilemma and PPP’s resurrection


The political landscape of Pakistan is in tatters after Zardari’s stridulous speech. The parlance was a frantic outburst given the mounting pressure on Pakistan Peoples Party in the wake of operation in Karachi. It’s been a month but still PPP and military’s leaderships are at odds with one another. The critics hold it as a […]

The Bangladesh dominion


Let me start off by saying, aren’t these Bangladeshi batsmen a delight to watch? I mean, who thought the class and poise of Yuvraj Singh would be manifested in 22 year old Soumya Sarkar’s strokeplay? Perhaps very little did, and even fewer expected this to define the story of contemporary Bangladeshi cricket: a maturity beyond […]

Pakistan’s minorities: A case of systematic marginalization


“India grants citizenship to 4300 refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan” read a recent news headline circulating in the media.  As a Pakistani, this headline carried more heartache than surprise. At a time when the Pakistani social media is abuzz with underlining the plight of the minority Rohingya-Muslim community of Myanmar, minorities and marginalized groups in […]

The importance of Benazir’s glamour: reconciling beauty and wit


We all grow up in a patriarchal world; girls are the ones that get the brunt of it. We are boxed and oppressed; many are second class citizens in their own homes and some slightly more fortunate ones face this via media and society. These same girls grow up to be complex women, brave women, […]

Is Morsi going to be Egypt’s Bhutto?


The news of death sentence of ex-president of Egypt was shocking. It is never easy to read such depressing news. But, perhaps, this is what the reality is, in present day politics. Ex-president Morsi was the first ever democratically elected president of modern Egypt. He was overthrown in a coup on July, 3, 2013. Before […]

Elite women: elite or just women?


She steps out of her car, one manicured foot after the other, sunglasses, blow-dried hair, statement lipstick, her shalwar kameez – If she’s chosen to wear one instead of her usual western attire – does not give the usual impression of modesty and decency. You can tell; she’s an elite woman. But what makes her […]

The rise of the Morcass

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Are the homo sapiens of today natural inhabitants of this planet or a failed species? Are they humanoids resembling but not identical to the original or mutants, the result of some genetic malfunction? Whatever the case may be somewhere along the annals of history they successively lost their humanity. The mutation of this species appears […]

Why another Sabeen must not rise


Most of us never had the chance to meet Sabeen. Yet she managed to enrich our lives immeasurably, including the lives of the many who had never even heard of her. It may seem only half a decade ago but there was no bustling theatre scene in Karachi back then. Only the biggest corporations could afford to […]

Silence the mean girl inside your head

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Men often say that women are each other’s worst enemies. We are quick to judge, gossiping over who is prettier, thinner or more successful than us. Things were a little different for me; I was never a girl’s girl. I didn’t fancy ‘girl drama’ or at least did a pretty good job of feigning that […]

Basho’s haibun


This year’s Booker winner is a classic that speaks to our time, and every time says Catriona Luke Just twice in the last few years has a novel elicited an ‘Oh.My.Goodness’ response in me. That is what I felt when I read the opening paragraphs of Mohammed Hanif’s A Case of Exploding Mangoes. This year the Booker […]


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