‘If you want to test a man’s character, give him power’

Pakistan’s thrice former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was ousted in July this year on allegations of corruption and money laundering. The Panama Papers leak linking Sharif and his family to several offshore companies sparked a Supreme Court inquiry into their financial dealings over the years. The case, however, quickly started to resemble a reality TV […]

‘Why should I become a doctor?’

“Dad! I don’t want to be a doctor! It is very difficult to read science subjects like biology, chemistry and physics. It is impossible for me to pass the examination and get high marks on these subjects,” Aziz answered emotionally when his father asked him to be a doctor. “Of course not! It is not […]

Fiasco in Islamabad

Another dharna in Islamabad has ended after having achieved its ostensible goal of the resignation of the law minister, in the process weakening the government and PML-N further; whether it will diminish PML-N’s chances of winning in the senate and general elections remains to be seen. But the latest version of the dharna could have […]

View from India: Imran Khan & Arvind Kejriwal’s mistakes

Imran and Arvind both got distracted by taking on the Centre instead of focusing on their own turf where they had much to prove

Jinnah’s dream is on hold, but Project Ziaul Haq is in full swing

An absurd essay of random observations

Solutions for low quality of Pakistani research

Most faculty members hired as assistant professors in Pakistan have no postdoctoral (postdoc) experience.

Killing Kotri and palla catch, Sindh’s fishermen worry about water downstream

There are 147 fish species found in the River Indus out of which 22 are found nowhere else in the world. Kotri downstream water is deemed a waste and excessive, even though an important sub-sector of the economy, fishing, is dependent on it. This includes coastal and inland fishing. Traditionally the most popular palla fish is […]

Pakistan’s e-commerce industry is worth just $100m and India’s is a whopping $12b

With an increasing number of internet service subscriptions and rising market penetration of smart phones in the country, the e-commerce sector in Pakistan has huge potential. The country already has 44 million broadband users, which is greater than the entire population of Canada. Yet our e-commerce industry is valued at a mere $100 million. In […]

The Curse of Being Transgender

They are one of us, they get born like all of us but they are never considered as equal to us. Having the 3rd gender puts them in a category that’s not lovable or likeable for us. It’s our self-designed system whereby we consider ourselves the elite of Allah’s creation and them as the cursed […]

What everyone missed about Nawaz’s disqualification

I was following the news on the disqualification of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by the Supreme Court on account of the infamous Panama Case. I was checking the reactions on social media. Most of the reactions seemed to only focus on politics. For a lot of people in the online Pakistani community, the concern […]


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