Life after Edhi

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Not even the horrid APS attacks could unite Pakistan in grief, as has the death of its silent sentinel, the selflessly sacrificing, ever-vigilant Abdul Sattar Edhi. While our politicians build motorways, stage sit-ins, and conduct silly stunts to garner public support, Edhi went about his work quietly, gracefully, never looking for recognition, or fame, or […]

End of the Past: An Immediate eyewitness history of a troubled nation


Nadeem Farooq Paracha’s evolution from an angry, young Marxist to a versatile, seasoned journalist is evident in his work. Love or hate him he retains a strong relationship with the reader as he continues to evolve as a journalist by slowly emerging as the Pakistani Pied Piper of history having cemented his role as the […]

Finding Peace in Istanbul


The global cancer that is terrorism has hit Istanbul airport this time – days ago – scores of people killed and hundreds injured in the month of Ramadan – an Islamic month of mercy and compassion towards others, especially the wayfarers and travellers. Since the beginning of the 21st century there has been a nine […]

Impact of GM Foods on Pakistan’s Food Security


GM foods (also known as GMOs) undergo gene modification through a complex, scientific process known as genetic engineering, which is responsible for altering the nutritional content of organic food items through high tech technology. Scientists have not only managed to modify organisms and food items, but have come up with a mechanism to produce vaccines […]

A Girl in the Fire: the price of being a women in Pakistan


After the sweeping success of A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness, an Oscar-winning documentary produced by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, acknowledged globally in 2015, perhaps it is now time to make another documentary that can be presented for an Oscar award, titled A Girl in the Fire: the price of being a woman in […]

A crashing tale of the EU Referendum


Hours before the polling stations opened at 7am on Thursday, there was a violent storm in London that slowly circled its way over to the centre of the city. At one point the thunder ripped straight down the lightning in central London, echoing and booming around the buildings. Not an omen, just weather systems crashing into one another, […]

Pakistan’s CPEC challenge


The Economic Corridor project comes with trials before opportunities At a time when many in Pakistan are celebrating the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project as a regional ‘game-changer’ that would jumpstart an era of progress in Pakistan, a number of regional and ethnic political parties are opposing the plan. On April 25, when it was […]

Punjab and Punjabiyat

Fakhar Zaman

Fakhar Zaman’s book in Urdu with sections in English, is a comprehensive document about the history, political movements, kisan agitations, heroic traditions, the national question and the miserable situation of the Punjabi language and culture. It is perhaps the most authentic work produced so far on the subject. It lucidly puts into perspective the role […]

Why Maalik is kosher for KP

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Adil Zareef proffers an opinion on why the banned film Maalik was nevertheless deemed appropriate for the public by the KP government. A ban by the federal censor board has ignited a heated debate in electronic and social media as never before. What is the commotion all about? Well the movie in question depicts the […]

An overview of South Asian Nuclear developments: View point from Pakistan


“You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” – Ayn Rand (1905-1982) As long as some states have nuclear weapons, others will want to acquire their own. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has stressed that disarmament is the main way to curb the spread of nuclear weapons. But did these international bodies, […]


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