What everyone missed about Nawaz’s disqualification

I was following the news on the disqualification of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by the Supreme Court on account of the infamous Panama Case. I was checking the reactions on social media. Most of the reactions seemed to only focus on politics. For a lot of people in the online Pakistani community, the concern was primarily the corruption charges and they cheered the decision of the SC. While the news and social media was busy, the markets started showing jitters. The KSE-100... Read More

Rajgal & Khyber IV

The Pakistan Army has launched operation Khyber IV in Rajgal valley of Khyber Agency. The primary aim of the offensive is to stop the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) from gaining a foothold in the region. Military officials believe that the roots of the Parachinar bomb blasts are linked to activity in the Rajgal valley. The operation has been launched at a time when relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan are on a mend after being quite low. The Afghan government led... Read More

Hypocrisy of Nuclear No First Use

In the realist paradigm of International Relations, one should not solely trust the words of another state when it is a matter of a threat to national security. Keeping this in mind, how one can believe that a state with nuclear weapons will keep its word not to use them in a time of crisis? India’s pledge of No First Use (NFU) must be seen in the same light. Since the inception of nuclear thinking in South Asia, Pakistan has always questioned the credibility of the Indian nuclear... Read More


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