‘If you want to test a man’s character, give him power’

Pakistan’s thrice former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was ousted in July this year on allegations of corruption and money laundering. The Panama Papers leak linking Sharif and his family to several offshore companies sparked a Supreme Court inquiry into their financial dealings over the years. The case, however, quickly started to resemble a reality TV show more than an independent investigation. In the very first sentence of the verdict, Supreme Court used the word “godfather”... Read More

‘Why should I become a doctor?’

“Dad! I don’t want to be a doctor! It is very difficult to read science subjects like biology, chemistry and physics. It is impossible for me to pass the examination and get high marks on these subjects,” Aziz answered emotionally when his father asked him to be a doctor. “Of course not! It is not tough to read these subjects, you are a talented boy and you have confidence to pass the test,” his father assumed as he patted Aziz’s head. “But... Read More

Fiasco in Islamabad

Another dharna in Islamabad has ended after having achieved its ostensible goal of the resignation of the law minister, in the process weakening the government and PML-N further; whether it will diminish PML-N’s chances of winning in the senate and general elections remains to be seen. But the latest version of the dharna could have far more pernicious consequences than the previous ones, as this one was held by extremist religious parties. The government, having acceded to... Read More


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