BK Jani: the best halal joint in NYC


Living abroad if any Pakistani is doing extraordinarily well, regardless of their field, they attract the attention of others also settled abroad who relate to and identify with Pakistan. All the usual questions are asked. Who? What? Where? Why? How? I’ll share my recent experience of visiting a small Pakistani (Lahori) barbecue spot in New […]

The Imrandan: Political Pawns from a Container


For the past three and a half years, an overwhelming number of my peers condescendingly criticised the Pakistani working class for voting in their interest against an authoritarian, disrespectful, know-all, holier-than-thou, cricketer-turned political deity. To them, the choice was clear between a corrupt political elite who loots the public coffers and a political outsider who […]

Back to square one


In April 2014, I had posited that a durable and lasting settlement had been reached between the de-facto constitutional players in Pakistan – that is, the parliament, military, judiciary and media – based on the principles of democracy, federalism, accountability and rule of law.    To the surprise of many – including the so-called “establishment”, […]

Erdogan puts Pak Turk Schools on the chopping block


Farewells are always a sad affair. As concerned parents our hearts were filled with trepidation as we entered the school premises. Gloom and grief prevailed over the packed auditorium as parents, students and faculty members were heartbroken like never before. For 21 years these selfless teachers from Turkey and their families nurtured young students with […]

Broken dils


As we all know, 2016 has not been an easy year for us. This year has taken away an adherent of the Sufi tradition, a legend and an Islamic scholar. Amjad Sabri long mesmerized everyone by his powerhouse vocals. He came from a legacy of great Qawwals. He made qawwali appealing to those who gravitated […]

India’s NSG quest and isolation


By Ahsan Ali Zahid and Hasan Ehtisham India wants to be recognized as a de jure nuclear state by entering into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and applied for its membership in May 2016. After two special sessions to include India, NSG member states are already facing the unforeseen disarrangements in international customs designed for non-proliferation. […]

Weak leak


The Panama Papers saga has energized the opposition, especially Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, ever since it became breaking news worldwide. Although more than 400 Pakistani nationals are reported to have or did set up offshore companies, including the prime minister’s sons, Imran Khan himself and Jehangir Tareen among others, the clamour that one hears is […]

Heart of Asia: Not the right place or time


At the Sixth Ministerial Conference of the Heart of Asia – Istanbul Process that concluded in Amritsar on December 4 it seemed that Pakistan had been pushed to the wall after Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani’s scathing attack that resonated with New Delhi’s thinking. This “outcome” of the conference dominated headlines in an ecstatic Indian media […]

Taking notes: Donations, journalists, a US election campaign


In the run-up to the US election, journalists have been coming under more scrutiny for being biased. Now, data from the Federal Election Commission on campaign contributions has revealed that journalists who are covering and editing politics donated to campaigns during the campaign cycle. On Oct. 17, The Center for Public Integrity or CPI released […]

Will to Greatness: Reflections of an ex-patriot


  For some weeks now I have been in Pakistan on a visit from New York. I have been surprised in no small measure on the take friends and relatives have on the state of things. Invariably they paint a despondent picture—corrupt politicians, rampant religiosity, honor killings, a military that still throws its weight around […]


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