Sufism can’t defeat terrorism but our leader can

  Sufis so far have worked to peacefully introduce Sindh to the world. They have protected its religious tolerance and interfaith harmony for centuries, but their own shrines, places where Ayaz and Mehmood stand in the same row, are under attack from terrorists. The suicide attack on Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s shrine, which left 90 dead […]

We need Punjabi in schools, not Arabic

The latest addition to the long list of absurdities espoused by our ruling classes came from MNA Naeema Kishwar Khan a couple weeks back. She proposed and defended a bill that would make it compulsory to teach Arabic in all government schools from grade 1. The logic behind this bill is confounding and enigmatic: the […]

Marriage or Punishment?

  Marriage is an intimate union and socially or ritually recognized partnership between men and women. It is an institution in which sexual and interpersonal relationships are acknowledged, and a legal contract is recognized by the state, religious authorities, tribal groups and the local community. Marriage is valuable in itself, but its inherent orientation to […]

Formalising the panchayat and jirga

The National Assembly passed on Friday (February 4, 2017) an Alternate Dispute Resolution Bill that aims at legalising the ancient panchayat and jirga systems of the subcontinent. Immediately, there was backlash from certain quarters against the resolution. With just 23 members out of the total 342 present in the house when the bill was presented, […]

The curious cases of MQM in London

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. This is probably the most appropriate description of how 2016 ended for Altaf Hussain and the MQM. It brought greatest relief as the investigation in the money laundering case was stopped in the UK. On the other hand, his infamous speech in August […]

Naila Rind’s mysterious ‘suicide’

An ambassador of the future, a brilliant student of the University of Sindh Jamshoro, Naila Rind, who was in her twenties and about to earn Master’s degree in Sindhi, died as 2017 began. Her death took place at the undergraduate hostel on the first eve of the new year when she is said to have […]

How to deal with the liberal fascists: A Guide

We have done it folks. We have finally found the root of all evil in the world, nay, the Universe, and in particular Pakistan. Not only that, we also totally agree on what this mother-of-all-problems afflicting our homeland is: liberal fascists. Yes folks, liberal fascists are responsible for our social, economic, moral, ethical, civilizational, agricultural, […]

Putting PIA back on track

Once upon a time, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the nation’s flag carrier was among the world’s premier carriers. The green flag was painted on every plane as a symbol of statehood. With the highest levels of safety standards, service quality and punctuality, it was really a ‘Great people to fly with’ airline. Originally founded as […]

The Chabahar troika

The India-Iran-Afghanistan troika will compete with CPEC

Pakistan Railways: The giant meant to serve the masses

The railways are the cheapest means of transportation for covering long distances. It is so mesmerizing that poems about trains have been included in nursery rhymes and stories have been based on train journeys. Trains stand in as a metaphor for life and expeditions. But now the world of railways seems to have become a […]


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