The Pursuit of Ideology

Abdul Majeed Abid takes a look at the currency of a contrived ‘Pakistan Ideology’ in the ranks of the Pakistan Army On 21st April, 2013, Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani addressed the passing-out parade by cadets of the 127th PMA Long Course at the Military Academy, Kakul and said the following words: “Let me remind you that Pakistan was created in the name of Islam and Islam can never be taken out of... Read More

The Nawaz Factor and the Difficult Indo-Pak Relationship

Hamzah Riffat takes a sweeping glance at why this time the Indo-Pak relationship may actually improve in the Nawaz tenure India/ Pakistan relations can sway like a reckless rickshaw, which is a vehicle that is not suitable for driving on the ‘M2’ which connects Lahore with Islamabad. The ‘M2’ is a product of Nawaz Sharif who inaugurated it in November 1997 and is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan. His approach towards India heavily depends... Read More

After Wali-Ur-Rehman

The death of TTP Deputy Chief WaliurrehamnMehsud in a drone strike last week is the most serious blow for the militant outfit since the death of BaitullahMehsudin a similar strike in 2009. Waliurrehman was known to be a measured and calm costumer who at one stage was tipped to be the new leader of the TTP. Later, however, he accepted HakimullahMehsud mainly to preserve the group’sunity. Waliurrehman’s commanders had wanted for some time to separate... Read More

Operation Revolting Cliftonia

As I slide the heavy, double-glazed windows open, my lungs welcome the dry, warm breeze that rushes in to seek refuge. Inhaling the elixir, I find myself relieved of the suffocation that envelopes me, if only momentarily. The air in the room feels heavy and cumbersome. My heart palpitates like an asthmatic baboon in heat. I await orders to advance but all lines of communication have been disrupted. It looks like I have been Zonged. There is nothing... Read More

Iraq, looking back

In my lifetime there has been no more difficult decade than the one that began in March 2003 with America’s invasion of Iraq. In the newspaper office where I worked, we could not believe it. Why Iraq? What was wrong with Tibet? Zimbabwe? Did the attackers of 9/11 come from Iraq? No, they did not. Which fantasist had come up with the claim that he had weapons of mass destruction that could hit anywhere within 45 minutes? On a freezing cold day in... Read More

Sarabjit vs Shauq

I was in Lucknow when Sarabjit Singh died in Lahore. My purpose in visiting the city of my childhood was to address a much milder agenda: to attend a seminar organized by the local Urdu Media Guild on May Day or International Workers’ Day. Since May Day this year coincided with a celebration of The Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) daughter Fatima Zehra’s birthday, the organizers made this coincidence the theme of the seminar. Trust Lucknow to have preserved... Read More

Sher! Ik Vaari Fer!

It was the day of the election.I had taken my motorbike to a workshop to get the oil changed. Here I had my first glimpse of the “change” that was said to be coming to Pakistan. Army vehicles were patrolling the bazaar, their machine guns and G3 rifles nakedly displayed. Two Punjab police vehicles were also with them and their revolving lights were flashing strangely in the daylight. The army and police were patrolling the constituencies of Lahore’s... Read More

India at Last

Taj Mahal high At the beginning of this year the revival of cricketing ties between India and Pakistan gave me an opportunity to visit India at long last. Travelling restrictions had always ruined my plans to visit India but this time around the visa process went smoothly thanks to my friends and some contacts in the Indian embassy and I ended up with a visa to Amritsar, Delhi and Agra. Having grown up on a steady diet of Pakistan Studies propaganda... Read More

Why I am voting for PTI

Political parties at election time are a package deal – take it or leave it. There is no prospect of taking various aspects of one party, mixing it with other aspects of a second party to make the perfect choice. Voting therefore, is a tough job. It forces one to collect a diverse array of thoughts, inclinations, likes and dislikes into one party. The job is made tougher by the fact that there is no perfect political party – not in Pakistan... Read More

Clientele Politics dominates suburbs in NA-49 constituency

(Islamabad, May, 7th, 2013- UPI Next) With just under a week to go before the national elections, ‘Moza Morian’, a lawless belt on the outskirts of Islamabad is witnessing its residents being subjected to coercion. The residents, of which many live in mud houses, have repeatedly expressed their concern over being threatened to vote for Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarians candidate, Mustafa Nawaz Khokar, who is running from the NA-49 constituency. Shopkeepers... Read More

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