Single in the City – Written in a Fairytale

The first time I asked my mother what love was, she answered with a single word. “Shakespearean.” I, of course, a naïve teenager, took it in entirely the wrong context. With limited knowledge of anything Shakespearean, I only thought of the passionate love of Romeo and Juliet, immortalized by their deaths. I conjured in my mind images of a handsome man who would feel strongly enough for me to defy family and society just to catch a glance of... Read More

Single in the City – The First Time

You never forget your first time. There are a million thoughts buzzing through your head and your hormones are in a frenzy trying to cope with all the feelings, trying to calm you down hoping you’ll start thinking rationally and stop yourself before you cross that thin line into adulthood from which you can never come back. You feel nervous and guilty; you don’t know if you are doing the right thing, if this is the right time, if you are indeed... Read More

Single in the City – Saints and Sinners

Sometimes, my life feels like that of a double agent’s; two endless parallel lines come to mind. The worlds I exist in are polar opposites; the personalities, their choices of entertainment, their priorities and their morals fall on extreme ends of a spectrum. And the people in each fascinated, and at the same time, repulsed by the other. The city of Karachi is a paradox; it is a sinner’s paradise, if the sinner knows where to look. For the saint,... Read More


August 2017
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