Hunza – an oasis of education

Janeha Hussain was pleasantly surprised by her trip to Hunza A few weeks ago, my family and I set out on our annual summer trip to Gilgit-Baltistan. Our destination was the uniquely beautiful valley of Hunza-Nagar. We intended to stay for three or so days i n this valley, exploring the different tourist attractions such as the centuries-old forts of Altit and Baltit, the pre-historic rock carvings of Ganesh and, naturally, the handicrafts and souvenirs... Read More


Nefer Sehgal takes you on a short trip to  Beijing Flying over Beijing had to be the most peaceful part of the trip because when we landed I was introduced to smog, vehicles, noise pollution and lot of human traffic. I was not ready for this adventure till I bought a couple of air filter masks. China is well known as a self-reliant country.  It has little influence from other cultures and despite having many tourist destinations most of the population... Read More

To India, With Love

Taha Sheikh went to Kolkata on a university trip for a conference seeking to pass down the indigenous heritage and culture of the land to the next generation   The idea of crossing the border, under the dark clouds of the political turmoil between the two countries, after the murder of Ranjit Singh, was daunting but a few of us were too crazy to care. Hence on the morning of 18th May, we met at our university (Beaconhouse National University) parking... Read More

The Godly Trail in Kathmandu

Sundus Rasheed takes a fascinating tour of Kathmandu’s religious trail  There is something intriguing and powerful about deeply religious societies and Nepal is one where religiosity and freedom of religion mix freely – Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and most recently Christianity. Until 2006, Nepal was the world’s only Hindu kingdom. It is a now a secular state but Hinduism and religion in general remains a huge part of Nepali history,... Read More

Photoblog: Shigar Fort Residence

We bring you the second part of Sahar Habib’s Skardu travels. After Khaplu Palace, Shigar Fort Residence turned out to be an equally stirring experience: After an amazing two days in Khaplu, our next stop was Shigar… This fort and palace is about 200 years older than the Khaplu palace, built in the 1640s, and opened as a heritage boutique hotel in 2005, managed by Serena Hotels, after it was restored and renovated by the Aga Khan... Read More

Thailand, Texas, Karachi

It was a pleasant April night in Pai, a small bohemian hill town in Northern Thailand. The walk up the winding tree lined street leading to my guesthouse, reminded me of Kashmir Point in Murree. The serene and tranquil atmosphere of the sleepy little town was a blessing after days of noisy chaos during the Songkran festival in Bangkok. The guesthouse itself nestled in a jungle and separate wooden huts with a distinct Thai feel. It was nearly midnight... Read More

Photoblog: Khaplu Palace & Residence, Skardu

With the summer holidays upon us, TFT blogs brings you a series of travel blogposts with ideas for your next trip or just a vicarious holiday experience After visiting and staying at both the Khaplu Palace and the Shigar Fort hotels in Skardu I have been telling everybody I meet that they must go too when they get the chance. I have been to Skardu before and everybody has seen pictures of how beautiful it is but obviously the real thing is so... Read More

India at Last

Taj Mahal high At the beginning of this year the revival of cricketing ties between India and Pakistan gave me an opportunity to visit India at long last. Travelling restrictions had always ruined my plans to visit India but this time around the visa process went smoothly thanks to my friends and some contacts in the Indian embassy and I ended up with a visa to Amritsar, Delhi and Agra. Having grown up on a steady diet of Pakistan Studies propaganda... Read More


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