The Curse of Being Transgender

They are one of us, they get born like all of us but they are never considered as equal to us. Having the 3rd gender puts them in a category that’s not lovable or likeable for us. It’s our self-designed system whereby we consider ourselves the elite of Allah’s creation and them as the cursed one. They are called transgenders or in other words “Khusra”, “Heejra” or “Third Gender”.

If you are someone who thinks that gender has no role or consideration in the world then think again, and again as you may have never faced what they do on a daily basis. It’s gender which plays a pivotal role in considering how we treat a human being, all of whom have been created equal by Allah Almighty. It’s gender, by virtue of which a mother, who is the softest and lovable creature in the entire world distances herself from the one she kept in her womb for 9 months when she come to know that her newborn baby is neither a boy nor a girl but a transgender. Whereby life starts for all of us when we come to the world it virtually ends for the new born transgender. But wait it doesn’t end here.

After being handed over or taken over by people of the same sexual orientation, another phase of life starts for this person. A person with no or a lost identity. A person who has been disowned by his/her own father, mother and entire family. A person who cannot get an education and ultimately apply for a job because he/she doesn’t have the ability to engage in sex. It’s astonishing but it’s a fact that society judges you on your ability to have sex and procreate, which most of us never realize. If you cannot have sex, you have no right to live in a society of vultures. Every passing day brings misery for these people. They aren’t provided jobs and if they beg they are labelled as “useless creatures”. If they dance and entertain people they are being labelled “beghairat”. They find no place in this world.

The more painful fact is that our media, especially renowned shows and anchors, mock them every time to gain publicity. Every taunt targets the transgender community and in a society where talking or taunting a woman is labelled “misogyny”, no one speaks or talk against the injustice being done with the transgender community. Civil society, all NGOs and we stay silent over the injustice being done to them. In fact, all of us are involved in mocking and assaulting them. This mocking and assaulting is increasing day by day and life is being made hard for them on this planet called earth.

The cruel fact is that even the state didn’t acknowledge them as a separate sex and entity and didn’t provide them identity cards for over 60 years. It became only possible after a hard won legal battle whereby the Supreme Court directed the government to grant them citizenship rights. But their goal to get justice and status of an equal citizen as well as a human being is still far off.

It’s up to us now to treat them fairly and bring smiles to their faces just as they way they do to us.

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  1. Naila says:

    U got a talent …I always pray for you .. keep it up.. will wait for your next blog.. Kindly write something on hopelessness…I

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