‘Why should I become a doctor?’

“Dad! I don’t want to be a doctor! It is very difficult to read science subjects like biology, chemistry and physics. It is impossible for me to pass the examination and get high marks on these subjects,” Aziz answered emotionally when his father asked him to be a doctor.

“Of course not! It is not tough to read these subjects, you are a talented boy and you have confidence to pass the test,” his father assumed as he patted Aziz’s head.

“But Dad, I studied in a governmental school, how I can complete with those students who have studied in foreign countries?”

“Dear Aziz Jan, you should not be disappointed and lose the confidence because these students are not from another planet, they are from your own area; if they have studied in foreign countries, it doesn’t mean you can’t compete with them. They are human beings like us not angels.”

After listening to his father Aziz become emotional, but it was clear that he was not getting through.

He pressed on. Why did his father pressure him to become a doctor? There are many other subjects and he was good at Arts and Humanities subjects. He had even won prizes in them at school because of his meaningful and beautiful charts. His father’s response was that one did not always work for a prize. Aziz repeatedly asked why becoming a doctor was so important for his father.

“When you were a child, your mother and two brothers Faisal and Yahya were suffering from a fatal disease for almost five months. They were admitted to a private hospital in Karachi where they were under treatment and the doctors demanded six million rupees to be fully treated, but I couldn’t manage this huge amount. After seven months they all departed from this world.”

That was the only answer Aziz had needed.
From that day on Aziz studied and within six years got a job on merit. Today, he is a successful doctor in one of Pakistan’s most prestigious hospitals. Today he is praised for the work he does, but that does not satisfy him. He wishes he could bring back his mother and brothers. But he tries to make up for it by ensuring that people are treated free at the hospital.


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